Kids and Bikes

Yesterday our 5 year old had a close call with a car and his bike.

For years we have allowed our children to bike in our culdesac. It has never been a problem. We have rules and safety routines they must follow.

Yesterday, was no different. The kids were biking as usual. Generally following the rules. However, the neighbor girl, appaarently told my 5 year old he couldn’t ride his bike down the steep driveway.

My son, of course, won’t turn down a dare. He can do anything. Just tell him he can’t!

So, he went to the top of the driveway. The neighbor and his sister started yelling at him to “stop”. They saw the neighbor pulling slowly out of their driveway. My son couldn’t see this for the huge bush dividing the 2 homes. He thought they were saying it was to dangerous for him. They were actually saying a car was coming and stop for safety.

Funny how a single word can have different meanings to different listeners.

My son came flying down the driveway, the car went slowly by. My son rode right into the rear panel and bumper. He went flying. Scraped his side and back. Scared himself senseless, and freaked out the poor driver.

If our daughter hadn’t seen it and come running in, we wouldn’t have even known it had happened.

After 2 hours, we happened to see his side. He hadn’t complained at all of any injuries. And he was upset and totally unwilling to have a “safety” conversation. His back had obviously been hurting, because he begged us not to touch it. That boy is beyond stubborn!

He is fine. I’m not convinced he wouldn’t repeat the entire scenario again, if he was told he “couldn’t do it”

This boy is all boy! When he’s a teenager we will be in great trouble!

Selfishness breeds discontent

Selfishness breeds discontent.

Yes, this is so true. It is true in every area of our lives.

When I always get the newest and latest device or “toy” I’m never happy with what I actually have. I’m always yearning and longing for what I want, instead of enjoying what I have.

When my son gets upset because he doesn’t get to “open the door” for me or any other seemingly tiny ridiculous thing, he gets himself so upset he loses all he has and might have. All so he can throw his temper. Nothing else matters, he is unable to see what he’s losing to gain his temper tantrum. His selfishness has bred discontent.

When I make sure to meet all of my own needs and concerns, but don’t consider the needs of others and how I might help meet their needs, I am being selfish. But I am also missing out on the opportunity for my help to others to bless me. When I put others needs in the forefront I am happier with what I have.

When I look around myself I realize I am blessed beyond measure. Sure there’s a lot I don’t have. I sure don’t have the latest computer or phone or tablet. I don’t own my own home. I don’t drive a new car. I don’t wear expensive clothes. I don’t go on Caribbean vacations.

But I do have plenty. Plenty to eat. 5 Healthy and happy children. Safe and payment free vehicles to drive. A house to call “home”. I have the ability to sometimes look beyond myself and help others. I have the ability to manage my time and occasionally use it to bless someone else. I have a husband who loves me. My life is full of blessings and wonderful things.

So, my conclusion is…selfishness breeds discontent; service breeds contentment.

So, if we can put others ahead of ourselves then we learn somehow to be grateful and happy with what we have. We learn to live life content with our circumstances and realize that no matter how “bad” it may be; it could be worse. We are truly blessing ourself, when we take the time to bless someone else.

Not Another One of “Those” Days

Yesterday began as one of “those” days. It wasn’t a terrible day, but it sure wasn’t a great one either!

However, I persisted in attempting to turn it around. And by the end of the day it turned out “OK”.

I took my family on our first picnic of 2014. That would have been fantastic. However, I did not realize the mosquitoes had taken over Confederation Park! So, we were not prepared for the onslaught. We all would have enjoyed a longer stay, but we were all ready to abandon the battle ground!

Next time we will have our mosquito jackets. They look hilarious, but they DO work!

I ended the evening by spending the last 5 hours working on school carnival stuff. The good news is that the ticket sales are pretty well wrapping up, the volunteer schedule is in draft 1 and ready to send out to my 150 some volunteers. And it is 8 days until the carnival, where fun will be had for all ages!

And it is 9 days and counting to Jason and my 18 wedding anniversary. So, it can’t be all bad, right?

I am determined that today will be a great day, even if I am running on 5 hrs sleep, which for me just simply isn’t enough! I’m equally determined that tonight WON’T be another late night, in a long string of late nights! Tonight I’ll be in bed by 9pm, that is my goal of course…I sure hope “life” doesn’t get in the way of that!

One of “those” days

I wrote a blog yesterday to post today. It won’t post. I’m in a spare bus with no radio. I had to borrow a fuel card to fuel my bus because mine wouldn’t work last night. I parked on the wrong side to fuel this bus, twice (don’t ask).

I have SO much more to do than time to do it. All my blog posts ideas aren’t topics I would actually post.

It’s just one of “those” days.

So, I’ve decided to take my son on a picnic this afternoon and let everything else go.

Of course it’ll all still be waiting for me later when I get home….

What “dumb” rules do you have?

If you read my blog regularly or follow me on facebook you know that 2 of my children’s teachers have what I considered “dumb” bathroom rules. As my facebook followers know my 5 year old peed his pants yesterday because the teacher told him to wait to use the washroom.

I understand in theory why the rule is the way it is. Kids abuse it, wander the halls instead of using the washroom. It’s impossible for a teacher to be supervising in the washroom and in the classroom at the same time. I get it.

But it’s still a “dumb” rule.

I don’t mean to judge the teachers. They have a hard job. Even if their class isn’t huge, they have numerous behaviour issues that really didn’t exist 30 years ago. Sometimes they are just trying to manage overwhelming situations. I get it.

It made me think. What “dumb” rules do I have? I know I have them. I try to be approachable with my kids. I try to be open to their opinions and differences there in. I try to actually listen to them, and actually consider their opinions. But I can honestly say….I don’t always do this. Sometimes their way makes sense, but I want it done my way. Sometimes I want to be the winner. Sometimes I just want to be petty and make them do what I said.

So, is this different than my children’s teachers? Not really.

I need to remember to listen to my children. I need to teach them to come to me with their concerns and opinions in a respectful way. My kids, I think, realize they’ll likely be heard far better with this approach.

But, I’m not perfect. I have to remember that. And I have to be careful to allow others to also not be perfect, and show them grace and forgiveness, and allow them the opportunity to grow and learn from their mistakes.