Teaching my kids to serve others

Definitely one of my personal core values is “helping”. I do my best to help those around me, how I can.

I have raised our kids to do the same thing.

My children have always been at my side helping others. They have literally grown up serving others in various ways.

This past week our church was doing some serving and helping of people in the communities that our church is in. I brought along my 2 children who weren’t at camp to help alongside me. This is just the way it is in our home. It’s not an option, if I’m serving and they are able and available and it’s appropriate, they come along.

One person asked me if my kids were coming again to help. I kind of looked blankly for a second. You see it’s not like they have a choice, but it’s also not like they resist either. They don’t mind helping others. They like to know what they are doing and how long and if they are able to bring a friend along to help. But they don’t resist the idea.

I have done my best to teach my kids, by example, that we have to help others whenever and however we are able. And honestly, they have learned the lesson well.
If I demanded they help others and I stood back and watched, perhaps it would have had a different result. But, I am pretty much always right in there helping alongside them.

So, no my children don’t have a choice about helping others. But honestly, as a human being with a beating heart – we shouldn’t have a choice either.

My son

Yesterday was 3 years since our son made the decision to be baptised. He chose to be baptised in Pine Lake.

I am so grateful for my son. He is a wonderful mixture of child and young man. He is growing up quickly into a responsible young man. He is always willing to help others. Like last night he spent several hours helping us do yard work for a friend. He didn’t complain.

He enters the next chapter next month when he walks through the doors of his High School for the first time as a student there. We are very proud of him.

And we are very glad that his faith is so important to him!

All the kids home again at once…

Last night we picked up our 3 kids that were at camp for the last few days. A million thanks to our friend Pam for picking them up for us! That saved me 4 hours of my day, and 3 hours of driving! What a blessing!

Today I am attempting to do some serious unpacking and reorganizing on the newly built shelves.

However, it seems I’m facing adversaries on all sides. The kids who have not been at camp don’t want to help because they’ve been helping paint all week. The kids who just got home don’t want to help because the other 2 aren’t. And my husband thinks far more will fit onto the shelves he built than possbibly will.

So, pretty much I’m going solo here and I’m certain no one is or will be happy with me. Oh well, nothing new really.

It is nice to have the kids back. But I am realizing that our son who keeps getting in trouble for hurting his sister is getting in trouble falsely. Last night he got in trouble for pushing his sister and making her fall and hurt herself. Oh the wails. It turns out, she was budging him, and tripped over his foot. This morning same thing. He gets in trouble because she’s wailing and screaming at him. When the whole story comes out it was completely her own fault that she got hurt. He just happened to be standing there. Guess I’m going to have to investigate better her wails.

And my oldest daughter sleeps….


Ok, here goes. I admit it.

I’m impatient. Totally impatient.

When I want something, I want it right now. I don’t like to wait. And I sure don’t like to hear all the excuses or reasons of why I can’t have it done yet.

I don’t care about A, B, and C. I just want D. And I want it now.

My husband, the perfectionist (first born) is all about doing things right, in the right order and the right way. He actually reads the owner’s manual, and I drive him crazy because I absolutely NEVER do!

When putting an IKEA piece of furniture together he does exactly as it says, in the order it says. I skip around a bit. If he’s putting something together I’ll look ahead to see if there’s something further along I can do now. I feel useful, but I’m pretty sure he’s going crazy inside!

Luckily for us though, the 2 personalities balance each other out. I get the job started quickly, make sure it continues progressing reasonably quickly and he makes sure I’m doing it right.

But he still drives me crazy! As I do him! So bring on the crazy!

Helping Hands

Yesterday 2 of my girls and I were helping a team to do some yard work for a lady in the neighborhood of our church. It was an opportunity to get out into the neighborhood and serve someone else. To do something for someone that they either couldn’t do for themselves or didn’t have time to do or simply needed some help. We are doing this a few hours all week.

While I was helping to weed her front flower bed beside the driveway, I had a thought. “Why doesn’t the neighbor just weed this little flower garden when they’re weeding their own? The two are connected and neither is at all large. The neighbor’s is well weeded, and it would take maybe 5 min. to weed thir neighbor’s.”

How often are we stuck in our own world of busyness or tasks or lists to be done, and miss the tiny opportunities to take a couple minutes and help someone else. Maybe we are helping a busy capable person or maybe someone is simply not capable of doing the task themselves.

So, take a moment in your busy day and help someone today. Help pack someone’s bags at Superstore or push the shopping cart to a car of a mom who’s child needs her, help someone cross the road safely, just open your eyes and really SEE those around you. And offer your help without first being asked. The gratitude you’ll get will make it all worthwhile!

Who knows, you may find you enjoy it and want to do it more!