Long Weekend Plans

For the long weekend, we had big plans. We were going to take the kids to the Enchanted Forest near Revelstoke.

However, the forecast was for rain. So, that stopped that.

Then we were going to take them to a movie. But we needed some speakers for the tv/stereo. So we decided to watch a pay per view at home instead. We even rented a 3D one. Only problem was, to actually watch it in 3D there is a setting on the tv only accessible via the remote. Well, the tv remote. Has yet to be found in this move.

So, the. Weekend is quickly passing by and all our big plans seem to just somehow not quite work out.

We were going to go hiking today, but got up too late.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good family day.

We did manage to finally get our upright freezer from our friends’ garage. So, after 2 months we have a freezer again (other than the fridge one!)

We did buy a new game at chapters on friday for $12.99 called Speedeebee. It is a alphabet dice game. There is a deck of cards with questions like: roll the red and purple dice and come up an animal that starts with one of the two letters. Or roll all 4 dice and say a place you want to visit that doesn’t have any of these letters in it. The kids all actually really liked this game. And I like that it is small and is in a little tin, so we could easily take it anywhere to play.


So, on with the last few days of summer holidays.

Pet Peeves – Ice Cream Licking

So, here it is.

Ice cream must be licked in circles, to prevent the dripping onto the hands.


Everytime a couple of my kids get cones they bite the ice cream or lick it from the bottom up. The problem is this just serves to aid the dripping onto the hands.karyssa-tiny-ice-cream

So, my kids probably find me annoying, and I probably sound like a broken record. However, I find myself constantly saying, “circles, circles.”


Some of the kids have figured it out, some not. But it won’t stop me from trying to get them to eat their cones “properly” šŸ˜‰

New Teachers

Well, I just got the phone call. Keilan’s grade 1 teacher called to introduce herself.

I am SO happy! I was a bit concerned about who he’d get. We are getting new teachers and I just want him to have a good solid year.

He is in a class where the teachers are job sharing. The one who called me, has been (and still will be) our school resource teacher. She has a huge wealth of knowledge of how to make learning fun and engaging. She is super good at what she does, so I’m thrilled my son gets her half time.

His other teacher was at our school in June covering a sick leave. She is a very nice lady and I’m sure will do a great job in the grade 1 class too.

So, one child down. One, there’s only one teacher to choose from…and she’s absolutely amazing! So, one child left. And it happens to be the one I am most concerned about getting a strong teacher. There are at least 2 great options. So, I REALLY hope hers works out well too! If not, well, she’ll live. And I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end!

The Date

Life has been so been busy the past 6 months. It seems like we have just moved from one busy thing to the next. From one event planning or extra job or packing or you name it really, to the next.

Jason and I just haven’t made the time to get together and go on a date.

Oh, we’ve had plans. We’ve had great intentions. But there has always been something else important to do. Something that just couldn’t wait any longer to get done.

So, when friends gave us a dinner voucher that was expiring soon, we had to get on it. It forced us to get our act together and make our plans and intentions a reality.

So, we phoned and booked the night. And tonight we used it.

The restaurant, food, and service were all amazing. We had a lovely time.

I even dared to venture outside and into the danger “dairy” zone. The pasta was heavenly. But unfortunately I paid for it later.

Never the less, it was a nice evening out. No strings attached. No errands being run. Just a nice time together.

Summer’s slow demise

Well, today I do a practice run of my new (revised, really) school bus route. Then I have a meeting to go to about busing.

So, it’s official. Summer break is rapidly winding down. In a week we will be getting ready for the last night of summer break and the crazy busy and exciting first day of school.

For us, it’ll be the first day of High School, and the first day of first grade. Not to forget the first day of grades 3, 6, and 8 as well. Some pretty important days in a child’s life. šŸ˜‰

But today I sit here, wanting the paycheck; but not the work. Wishing that summer was just beginning; instead of ending. Looking at my dwindling “to do” list and feeling sad that our move hasn’t made this summer ideal.

But, Jason reminds me that I did take the kids camping for 2 weeks. We went boating for a week. We visited lots of family, even if only once. And our house is finally liveable, if not finished. And my “to do” list in the new house is quickly getting completed. Our son has gotten some good driving time in. And we spent a weekend at our good friends’ home.

So, although it’s no 3 or 6 week trip across vast parts of North America; our summer hasn’t been so bad after all.

I still feel guilty it wasn’t “more”, but I just have to realize that it was pretty good anyways! So, now to try not to feel guilty for all my plans that never quite happened this summer…