Well, I finally did it…

Well, I finally did it.

Every Tuesday morning I am rushing trying my best to get myself ready and clean the bathrooms before I leave. If they don’t get done before I go, then I have to do them later in the day. Not exactly something to look forward to!

So, every Tuesday morning as I clean the bathrooms I think “I really should just do this Monday night before I go to bed”. And yet it never happens.

That is, it has never happened until today. Finally, I just did it. Now, the morning should be less rushed than any other; butno more rushed either šŸ˜‰

And I don’t have to dread coming home to clean the bathrooms either.

One thing done anyways…

Making Time…

Our son is terrible at dressing for the weather.

In the summer he wears pants and runners, in the fall it’s shorts and sandals. 26C sees him in a sweater.

So, it was really no surprise at all today when 9C saw him in pants and a long sleeve shirt and no sweater. He was cold.

As usual, my day doesn’t have a lot of “spare” time in it. However, I decided to run a hoodie by his school at lunch time.

I literally had a 10 minute window. In that time I. Had to find him in the play yard and give him his hoodie and find his sisters and say “hello”. Any longer and I’d be late for my kindergarten run.

So, I went. I found my youngest daughter quickly. And she was so surprised and happy to see me. Her smile and hug alone would have made it all worthwhile.

After some looking, I finally managed to find my son. He was very surprised to see me. As a rule I wouldn’t bail him out of his forgetfulness or poor decision making; and he knows this well. However, every now and again I will go out of my way for them.

He was quite happy to see me. I’m pretty sure he could barely believe I was there. I had also brought him a treat snack. Mostly because he ate all but 2 small items of his lunch on the bus this morning. He hugged me 4 times and I got a kiss. That made the inconvenience worth it all.

Finally as I was leaving, I managed to find my middle daughter. She is growing up SO fast! I put my arm around her shoulders and told her to walk with me across the yard. So, she. did. When I had to go she gave me 2 hugs and a kiss.

So, my small inconvenience was well worth it today.

No, I’m not going to make a habit of bailing out my kids. They need to know life’s consequences. I’m way to busy to be running to the school everyday! But, every now and then I will always stop by just to see them.

Birthday Parties

Well, today is the late birthday parties for keilan and karyssa.

We are going to see the movie Box Trolls and going to Boston Pizza afterwards for Pop and pizza.

I’ve never made the kids share a party. I’ve also never had one, much less 2 birthday parties so long after the actual birthday dates.

So, we will be 18 in total today.

The cake is made. The goody bags made. Karyssa made box troll people out of small cardboard chinese food boxes and we filled them with candies.

So in an hour the craziness begins…

The day that didnt want to end…

Yesterday was a long day.

It was a series of unrelated incidents that became a long series of events and thus a long day.

It started with a clerical error and a mis-posting of a bus delay (not mine). That bus was then an hour late. That meant those kids would miss opening mass at school. So I offered to drive them from the school to the church.

Then, we are short drivers so I had to double up a “shop” run to a jr high. This basically means I went to one school picked up students; drove to another school and picked up more students and then drove them all to their school.

This made me 10 min late for my kindergarten run.

This made some parents unhappy.

Later another bus broke down and we ended up returning to the school (out of sympathy for those students) to gather them on our bus. This made my run over a half hour late and theirs over an hour.

Many unhappy parents. Then when I was going to fuel my bus at almost 6pm, there was a missing student. So, off I went to look. Most buses were off the road by now. So, if I didn’t go then who would?

There was a happy ending. Child had gotten picked up by dad and mom didn’t know.

But, my thought is…

We are very short on drivers.
Many of us are doing the very best we can. We are covering things we shouldn’t have to, but otherwise would be even longer delays.

Please bear with us! Be grateful your child is home safe, and we are sorry they are late! We aren’t happy with it either. I, like you have plans and things to do. And covering other bus runs interferes and inconveniences me. But, I do it for the kids.

So, I’m sorry you are waiting so long on your child…and I’m sorry they are on my bus so long too!

Hopefully it’ll get better!

My tablet returns…

Yesterday Jason got home to a purolator door knocker.

So, the plan was to go and pick it up this morning after I got home.

So, despite my little surprise of arriving home to a child who “overslept”; I wasn’t going to not go get this package.

So, I made a quick run to get my package.

It indeed contained my fixed tablet.

Luckily for my errant son, it was fixed for free under warranty.

Unluckily for him, he still has to replace my charger. (He knew this already though)

All in all he got off extremely luckily!

My daughter may not fare so well with her second “over sleeping” this month….I did show her grace and for the first time (of any of her over sleeping – at least 6 times in the last year); I drove her to school. I didn’t make her take the terrible almost 3 hour, non-dedicated, city bus ride.

She had a cross-country track meet this morning. So, I made sure she made it. She DID have to wash the walls I told her to (the ones I had planned to do this morning) while I ran to Purolator.

And now, I have to re-set up my tablet. The apps are all gone and the wireless passwords are gone. Ok, Jason has to do this šŸ™‚

But, I am happy to have my tablet back.