A night to read…

I took a single book out of the library 3 weeks ago today.  And I am barely started it. 

It was due back today.  I tried to renew it but it has a hold on it already so I can’t.  

So, instead I am being a bad borrower and intentionally keeping the book anyways.

My task tonight is to read it, so tomorrow I can hopefully return it….

2015 ‘ s monthly goals…

Over the past number of months I have been working on trying to be a better person.

In January I had a goal and achieved it.  In February I also had a different goal and achieved it.  Now March is upon us and a new goal is in order.

January was to read my bible everyday.   Something I’d started before that but really wanted to make sure I had the new habit of doing no matter what.  I’ve done quite well at that.

February was to start working out again.  My goal was to get in 5 workouts a week.  Even with shingles (I did modify a few exercises) I only missed 1 day in February.   Pretty good I think.

March is to have more patience with my children. 

Appropriately today in my bible reading I read psalm 76:10… (the message) instead of smoldering rage – God praise!

All that sputtering rage – now a garland for God.

Definately a verse I need to remember.

I love my kids…but boy oh boy can they make me mad…

So my goal for March may remain my goal for April and may and June and July and…..not sure I will master this one enough to move onto the next life changing goal….


Yesterday was clean sheet day.  I started a load of laundry and left the house.

I had asked my son to transfer the laundry and then put on a load of sheets before he left for school.

He forgot.  I had a bus meeting in the morning so wasn’t able to come home to do it.  By afternoon when I got home I only had time to put the sheets on to wash.  The weren’t ready to dry before I had to leave.

I admit I was annoyed. 

So after dinner I put the sheets on to dry and then we left to go to a church worship evening.

When we got home I went to make our bed.

Luckily for me the sheets were still warm.

So what had begun as a forgetful but annoying mistake turned into a lovely night with warm sheets….

I’m back…

Well after having almost gotten through my encounter with shingles I am definately on the other side now.  Nearly through it.  The worst was actually the week before the rash and a week after the rash.  Last Saturday I basically sat on he couch taking pain the pain meds I’d managed all week to avoid and then them only making a small dent in the pain.  I just tried to sit perfectly still and not move and hope it did t get any worse.   Sunday was worse.  I had to go to church to teach my Sunday school class.   But I had to leave several times to puke because the pain was so intense.  Im pretty sure i hid it though and noone but jason and i knew. 

However, by Monday it was looking up.  And now on Wednesday the pain is gone except for generally unpredictable sharp short periods of intense pain.  Otherwise I’m almost back to normal.

Not too much has happened around here in the past few weeks.

Keilan keeps trying to read kianna ‘ s library books.  He’s had varying degrees of success.  Lucky for him kianna is a sweetheart and is all too happy to help her little brother read her books.

I am just super glad he’s doing so well reading!  All 5 kids reading….what a relief!

After chatting with a friend the other day who was hiring a maid to clean her home every other week, I decided it was time for some changed around my place regarding the chores.

We seem to have limited success in the chore department.  New plans work well for awhile then…they don’t.

So, I just laid it out plain and simple.  I was willing to put $100 from each of my paychecks into a jar on the kitchen counter.  That jar would be for “family recreation”.  The money is simply contingent on the fact of me no longer needing to hire a maid.  I laid out the chores I would do and the ones I wouldn’t.   And the frequency they needed to be done.

After that the list was divided…amongst controversy from my oldest….

And it was made clear if this doesn’t work a maid is coming….

So, day 1 seems to be good.  We will see what the days after this bring. 

The kids are excited about the opportunity to use the money to go to the science center and swimming and the zoo and skating and so many other opportunities for family fun…

The last thing is I’m dieing to get away.  Frankly I need to get away.  We all need to get away together and have some fun and do a bit of a reset.

However, with money as always being tight I wasn’t sure how we could manage. 

However, we are using our air miles to book a hotel in Edmonton and air miles to buy passes for west ed mall for the Waterpark and also for the amusement park.  So, we will hopefully go away for a few days for very little cost at Easter.

To blog or not to blog. ..

Well it’s been almost a week since I last posted a blog.

I did write one on Monday,  but it wouldn’t post and then got lost and I just didn’t have the energy to rewrite it.

Last weekend I told Jason I was done blogging.  I don’t think that’s totally true.  But I do feel like being less vulnerable.   I feel like being a tortoise and curling up inside my spikey and safe shell and just staying there for awhile.

I don’t feel like socializing.  I don’t feel like sharing how great or terrible my kids are. I don’t feel like sharing about my amazing or terrible marriage.  I don’t feel like commenting on something profound or even something silly or ridiculous.  I don’t feel like commenting on my health or how I’m raising my children. I don’t feel like commenting on my broken dishwasher or fixed dishwasher.  I don’t feel like commenting on anything at all really.

I’m certain this will change again.  But for now, I’m tired.  I’m worn out and blogging just isn’t at the top of my list.  I’m sure once the shingles pass that’ll change again .  But for now this is it.

A blog post about nothing at all and about not blogging….

I did just buy a cook book about ready meals in a jar….I may blog about that when I try it….