Good News….

Well it would seem that everyday for weeks something bad happens in our life.  Some little some bigger.

But I can choose to dwell on the bad or I can choose to see the good somewhere around it.

This morning I woke up with a crusty and red eye.

A closer look made me guess pink eye.

So I made an appointment to see our optometrist.  I was prepared to pay for the visit but didn’t want a regular Dr dealing with my eyes.

As it would happen because it was a medical issue alberta Healthcare covers it.  That is good for me.

Diagnosis.. mild pink eye in one.  The other one is starting to get it.

So I am now awaiting my prescription.

The good news though is that I thought my eyes were always red because I am always tired.  True enough.

But no.  They are extremely dry.  Easily fixed.  I guess that’s the bright side in all of this…

Any guesses what tomorrow’s issue will be?

Friday was a bee sting when my window was down and we were on our way for the first time to the Impound lot to get the van…

Sunday was Keilan and his attitude and temper…
Monday was Keilan and an email from his teacher about something he’d been doing to another child…he thought it was funny.  Needless to say humour is almost always at the expense of someone else.  Better for him to learn this now I guess….

Today…pink eye, forgotten lunch,  science fair, and no time for a workout….

Life could be a LOT worse…

Cooler heads prevail…

Well, in the past almost 6 hours I have opened a registered letter to discover our stolen van has been recovered for like 11 days and no one told us.

We went to get it and the insurance was missing so we had to come home and find another copy. 

So we have now returned and paid over $500 to recover our van.

I feel totally violated by the entire system. 

The van in its current state absolutely useless to us.  Besides being so filthy that jason is literally covered in dirt just from driving it home and smells like cigarette smoke…the steering column is broken and the back door will barely stay shut.  Looks like they may have broken in through the rear door.  One of the 4 bench seats is in it…although it isn’t attached and is just thrown sideways loose.  Cigarette ashes are everywhere.

Unfortunately Kieran ‘ s soccer refereeing bag is not there or the bin with van tools like jumper cables.  There is several makita drills…we will be delivering those and the sweatshirt and water bottle to the police.

I don’t know what we will do about the van.  The thieves were not careful when they removed the bench seats and damaged the van quite a bit.

For now I frankly was far happier with a stolen van unrecovered than with the van we got back missing seats and  that is totally damaged and now seats 5 people and can be started with a screwdriver.  Even to sell it we will have to put some serious cash into it and keeping it…without putting serious cash into it isn’t an option either….

I am SO mad!!!!

I just picked up a registered letter, which I tried to pick up on Tuesday but they didn’t yet have it.

The registered letter was to inform me that my stolen van is in storage at the city of calgary impound lot.  It has been there since March 16.  The letter is dated March 23 and my bill as of March 23 for towing and storage exceeded $417.97.

No one could bother to call me and tell me my vehicle was recovered!!!

We were prepared to drop everything and go retrieve it immediately.  Mostly so we wouldn’t incur further charges at impound.

I feel far far more violated by this than by the original theft!

So much for my paycheck…bet it’s over $700.  And they won’t answer their phone to answer my questions.

Volunteering. ..

This week finds me juggling my busy schedule even more than usual.

Kianna really wanted me to come and help on her class with the guest teacher.   Although I didn’t really feel like it, I went anyways.  And it was actually a blast.  They made castles out of a playing cards and then catapults out of elastics and spoons and craft sticks.  It is a group of scientists in the city who volunteer their time to come into classes and teach science from the curriculum in a fun way.




I also have Keilan’s field trip to Fort calgary.  I get to drive his school bus and then stay for the day.  Best of both worlds!




I am glad that I can often manage to swing my schedule to help out in their classes.  I know that even though it can be a pain sometimes juggling things to make it work…they won’t always want me around.

Impending health care premiums….

My thoughts on the announced impending health care premiums….

This is totally the wrong direction for our government to take.  User fees…wrong direction.  If there are user fees I guarantee it’ll keep my family from the doctor office.  It will be hard enough to pay health care premiums.  Premiums that don’t even cover the services my family uses.  Dental orthodontics and my eye care….not covered at all.  I won’t even talk about chiropractic.   Also not covered, although it is the reason  we utilise the health care system so extremely little and we pay out of pocket to keep ourselves healthy. 

I am not asking g or expecting any of these things to be covered.  But the vast majority of us use the E medical system only when necessary.   Like emergency surgery on my 3 month old son. 

Try spending less renovating the legislature and buying new fine China and listen to your front line workers and take their suggestions.  The budget can be balanced with some actual listening and some responsible spending….

Just my opinion…after all I am the one who will be struggling to add this new bill to my personal budget and make it balance….