First Week Back to Work…

Well, my first week back at work is over.  Luckily for me the school is early out on Fridays.  The students are great and I already know almost all of their names. Unfortunately, I will only be driving them one more week.

This was a week that I had not planned to work.  I had scheduled swim lessons for 3 of the kids.

So I spent the week doing my bus run then hurrying home to hurry the kids to their lessons.  The lessons were between 10 and 12.  Then 4 of the days we took lunch with us to the pool and stayed for an hour and a bit of swimming.  The day ended with a rush to get back to my bus and do my run.

On Monday Kieran had a dentist appointment.  I actually had to leave him in the hygienist’s chair so I wouldn’t be late for my school run.  I handed him my credit card and all the money I had… $2.10, which is luckily exactly enough money to ride the bus.

The chores got put off and put off, but finally they too got done.

So, all in all it wasn’t a bad week at all!  There was loads of stuff to fill my days to make it feel like summer still and I managed to get in some quality time with those who wanted it.

Although my summer break is over, my kids’ isn’t and I think I managed to keep their week feeling like summer break.

I Am So Sad…

Yesterday hackers released all the information they stole off of the Ashley Madison servers.

Today there are millions of families waking up to the knowledge that their life may never be the same.  Husbands and wives dealing with the information that their spouse at best was seeking an extra marital affair and worst had one or more.

Today a part of me is glad that these secrets are out and in the open.  Because secrets destroy and healing can only begin when the secrets are brought to light.  And I am so sad.  So sad for the families that will be torn apart by this and the hurt and brokenness it has and will cause.

Sin always has consequences.  Mostly we just hope that we can hide it and avoid the consequences.

I am still shocked by the sheer number of users of this service….I know I shouldn’t be, but I am.  The sheer numbers alone…over 100,000 Calgarians would say that I know people who used this.  All I can say is wow.  Shocking.  I guess we all have secrets… I just hope they don’t cause others great pain!

Teaching to Ask for Help…

We have worked very hard to teach our kids independence.  We have worked hard to teach them to problem solve and think outside the box.

We haven’t jumped to their rescue too quickly and often give them room to solve their own problems.

The problem with this is that sometimes you just need help.  Sometimes you cannot solve something on your own.  Sometimes you are lacking knowledge or resources or information.

My children are great at solving their own problems.

They are terrible at asking for help to solve the problems they can’t solve on their own.  They will hide the problem rather than ask for help.

An example is that one of our daughters has been unable to use her camera since we moved last summer.  The reason, the charging cable was lost.  She wouldn’t tell us of the missing cord.  She just hid the camera.

Finally last weekend while we were in jasper she told me she wanted to be a photographer.  I told her she needed to use her real camera and not her tablet.  That was when she finally told me about the missing cord.

I told her we could order a cord from China to replace it and to tell her father.

Tonight she brought her camera and box down to show her father.  With in 10 minutes she had her charging cable.  As soon as her father saw the port he knew exactly where the cord was.

Had she just asked for help sooner the information  would have been provided for her and her problem solved.

So we continue to try to balance self reliance and seeking help.  It is a balance I too do not have in check so we will all continue to struggle to ask for help when needed and to be creative problem solvers when  not!

And I bet that a photographer is slowly beginning to bud…

Counting My Blessings…

This morning 6am came rather early.  It was back to work for me.  A couple of weeks sooner than expected, but I am grateful to be able to have the opportunity to work these extra 2 weeks.

I am blessed to be able to work a job that I get all the same holidays as my kids.  It is only because my husband works so hard that I can have this job that I love.

So here I sit at a table in the shade on a sunny morning watching my kids play in the wading pool and knowing that we will have a nice picnic lunch and swim before my day gets crazy again.


And knowing that the money I make in the next few weeks will go towards school fees and get us ahead of the game perhaps this year..

So, yes I went back to work today…but for the next 2 weeks my days are completely empty of work so really it’s not so bad at all!

Choosing the Screen Shot for my Phone…

I have a bit of a perhaps unique perspective on the screen saver on my phone.

Sometimes, it is an amazing picture I took of something.  Sometimes it is a picture of one or more of my children.

But, always it is a picture that brings me a great deal of emotion.

It isn’t always the best picture I have.  But it almost always serves a purpose.

When I am feeling stressed the picture is often of something in nature I have photographed.  When I am struggling with a particular child, they may be on my screen.  This is so that every time I see my phone I first think happy thoughts of them.

Sometimes it is an event I want to remember or an accomplishment I want to celebrate.  My kids love it when they are front and center on my phone. Having the picture on my phone of my son learning to ride his bike made him smile every time he saw it.  The picture of my daughter after her baptism had her looking to find my phone and see herself again and again.  The picture of my other daughter building a bbq had her actually smile so I would have a picture of her that she liked instead of one she didn’t.  Some are more vocal than others about it.

So chances are, if you happen to pick up my phone and you have read this blog, you will probably be able to tell quite a lot about me by my screen saver….