Finally did it!

Ever have a task that isn’t that big, but it is big enough you just keep putting it off?

That was our camping gear!  It has been sitting, waiting to be repacked and put back on the shelves in storage…for next year.

For several reasons…not the least being I had really hoped we would go camping again this season…it has not been put away.

To be fair, to put it away meant moving a bunch of stuff and unloading the shelf it goes on and reloading it again.  In front of the shelves was a disaster and frankly I just didn’t WANT to do it!

So, instead I have been bumping into it every time I go to my bedroom.  And it annoys me each and every single time.  Instead I have been picking my way carefully to the freezer, through all the camping supplies piled in front of it.  Instead Keilan’s train table has become the Tupperware and lunch kit dumping grounds, because reaching the shelves to put things away properly is a treacherous task!

Finally tonight I’d had enough.  I cleaned it all up.  It took an entire hour.  But I did it.

And honestly I wished I’d done it in September!   One hour to  clean up that eye sore and tripping hazard….seriously I REALLY should have done it 2 months ago!

The BEST dentist ever!!!

Today Jason took a vacation day off of work to take Katie to the orthodontist and the dentist.  Kianna had a dentist appointment tomorrow but we managed to squeeze her in to see the other dentist today, so Jason didn’t have to take even more time off of work!

Let me sum it up by saying that Dr Tang at Concept Dentistry is WAY beyond AMAZING!

Kianna was having some serious anxiety about her fillings.  Jason tried to get her to breathe slow and deep and she just couldn’t.

After Dr Tang realized her distress, he TRADED patients with the other dentist!  He got her out of the chair and let her have a prize first and he handed her a hacky sack and asked her if she was any good.  They then played hacky sack until she calmed down.  He then told her he’d do a super fast job for her and not to worry.

In her words he was done in 6 minutes!  It was an hour appointment!  She left happy and dental work complete!

Dr Tang always impresses us with his punctuality and personality and professionalism.  We have been loyal patients for several years.  In fact our kids came to him from a pediatric dentist and they LOVE him!

But today, he went way above and beyond!

Kianna even made him a thank you card which I will be personally delivering tomorrow, along with a thank you from me!

So, if you are looking for an absolutely amazing dentist..Concept Dentistry off of 17 Ave and Deerfoot Tr. sure won’t be a decision you’ll ever regret!

And that’s from the gal who went almost a decade without going to the dentist because I was petrified.  I’ve since had 2 root canals and a crown with him…

Happy birthday Jason!

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband and best friend!

Jason you have been my best friend for 20 years.  For 20 years you have walked beside me and dreamed with me and supported me in everything I’ve done.

You are an amazing husband and father.  Your kids adore you.

You work hard to provide for your family and you set a good example of a hard work ethic.

You are humble and kind.  And everyone who meets you, leaves better off for the encounter.

You make me a better person!

I love you more each day, at least most days!  LOL!  Honestly, you bring out the best in me and we are better together than apart!

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams and the man in my arms!  I adore you and love you and am SO glad we’ve spent the last 20 years as best friends!

May we celebrate countless more special days made just to remember you!







Today Keilan was at his psychologist appointment and she introduced Superflex to him.

I LOVE this.  And more importantly so does he!

Superflex is a superhero who helps him defeat the Unthinkables.  The Unthinkables are a group who invade the brains of citizens and Make them think and do and say things without thinking.

Superflex reminds citizens to use their calming tools and make good choices.

Most importantly Keilan loves this!



Let’s hope this helps him!

Today he learned about Rock Brain (RB) and Glass Man and how to defeat them!

Did I mention there are comic books he got read and even a card game I want to buy!


Taxes.  This is a word little spoken or spoken too much in my house.  It is avoided like the plague or brought up frequently.  Depending on many things.

Jason has been working on our taxes for the last 3 weeks.  He had 3 years worth to do.

Because neither of us claim the kids throughout the year we know we should get a return each year.

This year, with Jason’s job uncertainty and constant late pay…we NEEDED the returns to get done.

I don’t know why Jason dreads it SO much.  Probably the same reason I leave it completely to him to look after.

But, over the past few weeks he has managed to complete 6 tax returns for the past 3 years.

This is a tremendous weight off of me.

And, of course, off of him too.

The results won’t be in our pockets for a few weeks yet.  However, they should allow us to get out of debt and hopefully pay off the orthodontist.  The orthodontist takes $700 a month right now.  With Jason’s uncertain employment we need to get our  minimal living expenses as low as possible.  This will allow us to take whatever comes with his employment.

So, hopefully, by Christmas our refunds will be in hand.  And our Christmas gift will be to be debt free.

So for now….THANKS Jason for getting this done and in this way providing for our family….

Next step….finish applying for Keilan’s disability tax credit.  Now to start harassing who I need to, so they get their paperwork filled out so we can finally file it!  Our paperwork has been filled in for 4 weeks and can be submitted as soon  as we get theirs!  That is money slated for our RRSP for a down payment eventually for a home….