Christmas Doesn’t Wait…

Well, the kids mostly got the Christmas  decorations up this afternoon.



While they did the tree and Christmas village….Keilan and I did the advent trucks.



Over the past few weeks I wrote 25 notes of encouragement for each of my 5 kids.  Today I cut these up and placed one in each of the tiny doors on the advent trucks.


Keilan  helped me to put an icy square in each tiny cubby.  I had also bought Lindor chocolates but they are just a tiny bit too big for the cubbies.


So I had to take one for the team and eat a few…

I guess we are nearly ready for the Christmas season celebrations and remembrances to begin!



It was neat to see some of last year’s notes that were left in the trucks!

The Birthday Party(ies)…

Well lucky me, this year I get a two for one birthday party!

My older girls have birthdays 29 days apart and one is December 26.  The December 26 one is always problematic.  Too early and people are busy doing Christmas stuff.  After Christmas and they are away.  Into the new year and we run into interfering with the orthodox Christmas in January and losing other friends.

This year they both wanted an archery party.  Perfect.  Archery is a set price regardless of participants for up to 20 people for 2 hours.


So we had a joint archery party.  It went amazingly!  Each had their own cake.  And all the kids got along perfectly.  It helps that most of them went to the same elementary school so really have grown up together and now they all go to the same small jr high.


Following the archery we came home.  Most went home.  However some stayed.  We were going to go to youth group.  But due to illness that was cancelled.  Actually the girls were happy.  You see they really wanted to shop the black Friday sales at the mall.  So, I conceded.  Frankly the sales sucked.  But I gave them each $5 for dinner and a SUTP coupon book and advised them to use it.  They did!  They loved the freedom of choice and independence.  I let them go through the mall together.  And I was there with Keilan in another place in the mall.  There was 6 of them all together between ages 14 and 11 almost 12.


Then we met and drove to the theatre.  I took them to see the 9:30 show on opening weekend of The Good Dinosaur.   Such a cute movie.  Although quite scary and sometimes disgusting.  Like when the little critter rips the bug’s head off for the dinosaur’s dinner.


Afterwards they all said they liked it.  They also agreed that it shouldn’t be called “good” because of all the bad things that happen to our little dinosaur!  Everyone cried during the movie.

Then we had a sleepover with 2 extra kids and it was all over.

All in all a great party with great guests!  I’m so glad my kids have great friends and get along with each other so well!  (At least the older girls! LOL!)

The 7 Year Old Texting…

This morning I gave my phone to my 7 year old, so he could email his grandpa.

Well, when he was done emailing him he also did some other things.  He called his brother.  When he didn’t answer his phone, he texted him.  He asked him if he was looking for a new job.  When my older son replied why?  He answered are you looking for a new job in the mornings.  I got the phone back before that conversation could continue.

But also his school had called to see if he was coming.  He had an appointment this morning.  I have voice mail to text.  He read the voice mail and texted the school back.  He said he was coming later and then over the next several texts told hem he had an appointment and he even sent a devil picture and a whole bunch of other pictures.

I laughed and laughed. Guess that’s what I get for letting him do his writing via email on my phone since he forgot his tablet!

The Down Tip…

The other day I was chatting with a friend.  I was complaining about my coat.

Last spring I bought a new winter coat.  And I love it!  It was super cheap.  But it is super comfy and quite warm.  It is my first ever down coat.

However, it has been shedding like crazy!  And it’s started poking me.

She said I needed to leave it in the cold overnight.  She explained it would fluff up the feathers.

Who knew.  Not me.  Never had a down pillow or blanket or coat.

So, this weekend I left my pokey coat in the van overnight.  And guess what….it worked.  No shedding or poking!

She also told me I could do the same with my down blankets.

Guess what is next…my down duvets!

I love hearing tips from people!  I for sure don’t know everything,  in fact I know very little!

So thanks Stacey for the awesome tip!

Last Try…

Tomorrow I am sending Keilan back to school for one last try there.  If there is not significant improvement in his behaviour and the amount of work he is doing there…I’m going to have to pull the plug.

Last week I kept him home all week.  His behaviour at school is frankly appalling.  And his absolute refusal to do any  school work, is concerning….to say the least.

Last week was a dry run of sorts for him and I.   It was my putting a toe in the waters of home schooling and deciding if he and I could do the dance.

I won’t lie and say it was a piece of cake.  Teaching a child with ADHD and ODD is probably never a piece of cake.  BUT we did it.  We made it through the week.  We managed to complete all the piles of work I had set aside for him to do.

I worked him hard.  MUCH harder than I would if I was actually home schooling him.  I wanted him to realize that being at home for behaving badly was no picnic.  I wanted him to realize that school is a breeze compared to home.  And I wanted him to WANT to go to school and not stay home.

Monday was the honeymoon.  He did everything I asked of him and more.  Tuesday he willingly did everything asked.  Wednesday he started complaining a bit, but we made it through.  Thursday wasn’t so easy.  He made every excuse to not work and was quite distracted and yet we got through.  And Friday we didn’t quite get through it all.  Some we finished Saturday.   Although it wasn’t entirely his fault, I got mine and Kianna’s hair done so we didn’t actually have some of his work available on us to complete.

The result of my week was an understanding that for any teacher to get him to work with his high level of distractability is pretty much to be applauded.  He works for me because he knows I will absolutely follow through on the consequences I laid out if he doesn’t.  Teachers just don’t have the same currency with him as I do.

So, tomorrow morning he returns to school.  It may be for a few hours or days or weeks or months or for good.  Only he can determine that.  I have made it quite clear what behaviour will constitute expulsion  (on my prompting).  And I am willing and ready to follow through.

This week showed me that he and I can manage to fit in all of his school work in between all of my bussing.  And for the time being, cutting back on that isn’t an option.  As long as Jason’s work is uncertain I have to work all I can.  But that’s OK.   If Keilan  and I can make it through my strict week of loads of work…we can make it through a normal week with a reasonable amount of school work….

Now to see if any behaviour changes and if he is willing to do his school work…