My Proud Moment…

Jason and I have tried hard over the years to read a Bible story to our kids every night.  No we don’t always do it.  But we try to.

We have a children’s Bible that reads through the Bible and often we use that one.

One of Keilan’s subjects this year is Bible.  I have basically allowed him free reign in this area.  He can read Bible stories or watch bible movies.  He can use video clips or plans off of you bible.   It’s up to him.  I want him to be in his Bible everyday, just as I am in mine.  But I want him to be in control of it.

On Monday I was having a day short of time and so I turned my Bible reading app on audio so it read to me while I worked.  When Keilan heard it he was intrigued.  So I showed him how to do it.

Next thing I knew he was showing me how he had found a Bible plan that read the Bible in 365 days.  He told me that now that he knew how to listen to it he could read his whole Bible this year.

He has now completed 7 days.  And he loves it.  So far he has sat on the swing of the Gorilla gym and swung and listened to his Bible.

Not only am I extremely proud of him, but it reminds me that our actions are often far more important than our words.  I don’t think he would have done this if he hadn’t watched me make reading my Bible every single day, no matter what, a priority and something that must happen.

For me it’s some monkey see, monkey do…

Leading by Example…

Today, my son, once again – didn’t want to do certain school subjects.

Of course, that’s no option  here.  He has work to do and it will get done.  Period.

While he was complaining about and resisting doing his reading comprehension and his cursive; I was resisting cleaning my walls.  And yesterday I resisted cleaning my bathrooms.

If I won’t accept my son refusing to do school work, then I’d best not refuse to do my work.

I have to show my kids that unpleasant tasks must be done.  I must show them that just because I don’t like doing something doesn’t mean I get to not do it.  Life is full of tasks I don’t want to do.  It is full of tasks I don’t like to do.

So, I cleaned my bathrooms and washed my walls.  I didn’t put off folding that last load of laundry.  I loaded and ran the dishwasher and didn’t procrastinate doing it.  I took out the garbage and recycling and didn’t put it off – hoping someone else would do it.

And yes.  My son did do his cursive.  And he did do his reading comprehension.  He did them despite the fact he greatly dislikes them.  He did them because he has to learn, just like me, that sometimes we just have to buckle down and complete the undesirable tasks.  But when we are done there will be something better.  Like an hour at the playground or more time on the Gorilla gym 😃


The Long Wait is Over…

Mid December, the week before Christmas break, we submitted a learning plan for Keilan’s home schooling.

It was a week before my kids’ winter break, but only a few days before the home schooling association’s.

They were aware that at this point we had already pulled Keilan from his current school and were beginning home schooling him.  They understood the concerns of him not being registered anywhere as a student.  So they sent us a confirmation email that he was tentatively accepted, pending approval of the learning plan we had already submitted.

Fast forward another 5 weeks. Three of those they weren’t working.

This afternoon I got an email that simply said “approved” and had attached to it, our previously submitted plan.

I was thinking, like, this is it?  No improvements or changes or suggestions or modifications?  I was a bit annoyed.

Jason on the other hand, was super excited.  To him it was a success.  The plan was good enough it didn’t need any improvements or changes.

I figured that we would submit my plan, as written up by Jason, and it would have some holes or be missing some things.  Then we would get some suggestions for improvements and fix it up and perfect it and resubmit it.  I assumed this would take a couple of tries to get final approval.

Nope.  Guess I knew what needed to be done and Jason knew how to present it.

So, I’d love to say that our home schooling journey now begins….but it started December 11 when I pulled our son from his school.  And really we had already gotten our curriculum by then; so, it was in process long before that.  I’ve spent literally half the first 4 months of school with him at home with me.

Today he read his 100th book on RAZ Kids.  In 10 more books he will complete the grade 2 reading comprehension program and begin the grade 3 stuff.  He read all but one of these books at home.  One of these books he read at school this year.

Keilan is an incredibly smart boy.  And he doesn’t fit into a regular classroom.  If I had left him in the classroom he would have rapidly fallen behind his grade.  Instead he has the opportunity to thrive and succeed in the environment and timing that works best for him.

Home schooling is no picnic.  I’m back to having no time to workout.  I have to sit beside our son while he works to keep him focused on the task…and even then it’s not always successful.

I have no “me” time.  I’m never alone.  But it is what he needs.  It really truly is.  I had a choice….keep him where he was at and let him slowly fall to the back of the class and eventually the bottom of the school or bring him home and let him excel.

I don’t regret my decision for a second.  It’s my job as my son’s mom to help him achieve his best.  This was never a choice, when looked at through that lens.

Dog Sledding by Karyssa

Great dog sledding adventure!
Today January 22 me, my mom and little brother Keilan went dog sledding as my big birthday present and as my little brothers big birthday present.

Dog sledding

As we drove in our small black car we talked, sung and had fun it took around an hour to get to Canmore then we had to use my mom’s phone as a GPS because we could not find our way when we finally found the place we struggled to find a parking spot. It took us around 5-10 minutes to actually find one by then we only had around 5 minutes until we had to be there or else we could be left and not get a we got dressed in our winter wear. Went to the bathroom. Then ran over to the building around one minute late we got in and registered and then 2 minutes later we left in the big white van that some people call a kidnapper van. 20 minutes later we were standing up outside the of the instructors told us we could go and pet the dogs but not the ones with red bandanna tied around their neck. Because they are shy and scared. Then the guy in charge started to explain everything how to stop to you put on the brake and say whoa. Or to slow down you put one foot on the brake and say easy. And to go you say hike not mush. After that he told everyone which sled to go to. We were supposed to be the third but we were technically the fourth. Our dogs were named link, minus,elsa,gnome,avalanche and last but not least raphile  but I call him Ralph.  My mom started with driving+steering we went up so many hills and down the bumps hurt my bottom but it was fun.


My brother got to drive the sleigh with my mom after we ate. When we ate I made 2 snow men and ate sausage inside a toasted hot dog bun and we drank apple cider and had some treats that was Bannock that we put in a cup and made it into pieces and then we put beef jerky in and maple syrup.Then a little bit later after we got back in the slay after our long one hour break we crossed the frozen solid iced lake. Then I got to drive+steer all by myself. and it was so fun and it is a very important memory or is going to the end when I went up the last hill we got a picture and then the sled got put away then we petted the dogs that pulled the slay and then went to the big campfire.and I had a few treats and made another snowman. In the end I made 3 snowmen 1 with my little brother and we ended up travelling 24 kilometers bye dog say in around 4 hours. and then we travelled to Banff went to the hot spring then ate at old spaghetti factory then we went to the candy store my mom made us get something for everyone else to the and after that our journey was put to an end.




My Amazing Dog Sledding Adventure by Keilan Komar

I went dog sledding today.  I got to push the sled with my mom.  We drove together.



I sat in the sleigh between my sister’s legs.  I was cozy.


I got to pet the dogs and eat by a fire.


Then we went to the hot springs and the spaghetti factory for dinner.


It was a fun day!