First Aid Training…. 

Many,  many years ago I took my first first aid and CPR etc, etc course.   It was a requirement of being a day home provider.   But I never even once used the training.   Never had any need.

I took it again  a few years later as a school bus driver babysitter for safety meetings.   Again,  never used it.  Not even for my own kids.   Nope,  no stitches or broken bones.  No major injuries really… Except Katie cutting her thumb on the glass inside a picture frame – she took it apart I stead of sleeping; or Kieran using nail polish to do Katie’s eye makeup; or Karyssa falling down the basement stairs and landing on  Kieran’s hockey card binder at the bottom (all of these were when they were under 3).  But all of these incidents didn’t use my first aid training they just used my common sense.

I took first aid training 2 more times.  Once for Deaning summer camps and once for church.  And again, I’ve never used it in those places.

In fact, the only time I’ve had to assess for broken bones and internal bleeding and back injuries is with our youngest son.   And it seems like I use my knowledge every so my weeks.

So, I’m really glad I’ve kept up my first aid  certification.  It’s a good to thing to have.   After all you never know when you will need it… Like today when our son went from going at a brake neck speed on his bike to stop –  instantly,  when he used the front brake first and only.   Then he went crashing head first with his bike landing on top of him.  Nope,  no internal bleeding or broken bones.


The Long Break… 

I realize I haven’t blogged in 6 weeks.   But I just couldn’t.   For the first time in as long I felt like writing.

What I realized, was that I blog in the quiet.   I blog in the peace and the calm.

Well,  there hasn’t been much of that at all this summer.   Not that it’s been a hard summer,  but many days are long. The girls are easy.   Keilan isn’t.

Today as my kids play at the campground playground I feel peace and space to write.



For now there is no conflict or behavior to manage. Just kids playing for hours… Of course there is the bribe of ice cream afterwards when we run to town for some groceries… But hey whatever works!

So our summer has been full of fun and new memories.   We’ve gone to the enchanted forest and Skytrek and D-Dutchman dairy and Craigellachie.





We’ve been to a huge music festival.


We’ve been kayaking


and hiking and made trips to the science center


and zoo.

We’ve gone to Calaway park.


We’ve gone Pokemon hunting so many times.   In fact it has really drawn us together in a strange sort of way.   We’ve voluntarily cleaned our church every week for the last 6. We’ve camped


and had backyard pool parties.



We went to summer camps and even sent Karyssa to Ontario.

We’ve helped friends move.  We went to the stampede and the parade.


And had sleepovers.



And for walks in the rain.


We went to a wedding.


Keilan and I even laid on a picnic table under the stars and watched the clear sky for a whole half hour straight,  which for him is like an eternity.   We looked and pretended to make our own dot to dot pictures in the stars.

I’ve been mad and frustrated more times than I can count.   I don’t have a perfect family.   But I have a real one.   I have literally thrown my hands up in the air and left Keilan with his sisters and I went out.   Anywhere and nowhere.   Just to get away from the frustration of having a child with ADHD and ODD.   Luckily,  my girls are all old enough to watch their brother which allows me to get a break sometimes. Keilan and I have gone to so many parks and playgrounds.  We’ve been berry picking.




We’ve gone on so many walks.

My bed has somehow become the family bed and for hours and hours the 4 younger kids and I have sat watching Netflix! We watched Last Man Standing and Full House and Fuller House and Switched at Birth and now we have started Gilmore Girls.  Now we are camping at gull lake for a week.   Then it’s back to school.   That means no more late late night TV binge watching or book reading. It means back to getting out of bed early and back to driving bus.   Not that I mind… But I am a night owl by nature and I love staying up late and NOT getting up early!

With school returning it means returning to homeschooling.   Luckily we didn’t completely stop this summer.   But it means getting back into routines and creating new ones.

It also means 5 kids at 5 schools and trying to keep all that sorted out! I honestly knew I’d one day have 5 kids at 3 schools.   But I never thought I’d be homeschooling; and I never thought I’d have every child going to a different school! But I do.   So I better get their schedules worked out!

And that has been our summer… Warts and all…