Happy Birthday my amazing husband!

Today marks my husband’s birthday.  and today is the opportunity to celebrate the amazing man that he is!
I am  blessed to call Jason husband and friend.  my kids really blessed to call him Papa.  He is an amazing man who does his best to put his family first and provide well for us.

He makes sacrifices for us every day.  He drives Karyssa and Katarina to band early in the mornings.  He drives Kieran to soccer at the oddest times.  He picks Kieran up from work late at night.  He helps the kids with their school projects.  He gives generously of himself to all of us.

He takes the kids to their early morning dentist and orthodontist appointments.  

Thank you for all you do Jason!  Everyday you show us what love is through your actions!  We love you very much and we all hope that this year will be your best year yet!

No doubt it will be full of more changes and beginnings and endings.  in a few short months our oldest baby will graduate from high school!  I can’t even believe it myself!  Where has the time gone!  Our children are growing up quickly before our eyes and I am so blessed to have spent the last 21 birthdays with you at my side and I am eagerly anticipating the next half a dozen decades with you!  
We are he lucky ones…we fell in love young and are growing in love as we grow old!  My love for you only grows every day!

Have the best birthday ever my love!