Advent time again…

Once again December 1 is sneaking up on us!

With my surgery last week it seems like I’ve literally lost a week!  
As I lay in my bed, deciding what new revised birthday plans would be for my daughter’s 15th birthday tomorrow…I realized that I had not even started my kids’ advent calendars.
Every year, for I don’t even know how many, I write 25 notes to each of my children.  I put one in each of the calendar boxes on their advent trucks.  So, every day when the kids get a chocolate they also get a short personal note from me or Jason about what we see in them or what makes us proud of them or why we love them.  

However, I have 5 kids.  And this means I have 125 things to think of to say to my children.  Honestly, it takes awhile to think of all of them.  

And here I am now days away from December 1 and I haven’t even begun.

So, I did the only thing I could…I just started.  Luckily I DO have a few days to finish up.

These 25 notes, I know, mean a lot to my kids.  I find them in corners and piles and secret hiding places or treasure boxes.  We don’t talk about the notes, but I know that they are important.  

So, I best finish up this annual tradition of speaking truth and love to my kids.

Well, I started writing this blog several days ago.  And as I sit here finishing this blog post I am happy to say that I just finished the 125 notes.  It isn’t an easy task to write that many notes.  But it is a worthwhile investment of my time into my incredibly amazing children’s lives!

So, once again in this advent season…the season of expectant waiting for the birth of Jesus…my children can feel loved and known and cherished and real as we await the celebration of the birth of the one who makes everything matter and puts everything into perspective.