Who am I kidding…¬†

Who am I kidding…this sucks!  Being laid up for at least 8 weeks, well it sucks!

I, being the one who never let’s anything stop me…am stopped.  I thought I had it all planned out.  After all,  I had 6 hours to sort out a plan.  

What’s no weight bearing going to do to me!  It won’t stop me.  I won’t let it!  That’s what I thought.  And that’s what I planned.  A couple days in bed and by the weekend I’d be up and about more or less like before.  

Yep, my plan.  

Totally not reality!  

Reality was – I went to ER for the second time on Tuesday at 6:30.  I was in surgery Wednesday at 7am and I was home Thursday at 1pm.  

I was puking until Sunday afternoon and could barely hop with the walker to the bathroom, a few steps away from my bed.  Monday I went out to an appointment and it took every bit of energy out of me.  I’ve mostly laid in bed and watched tv or homeschooled Keilan.  I’ve had several great friends come by to visit too.  I went upstairs for the first time on Thursday last week.  And the second time today.  

Everything I do exhausts me.  I’m totally not used to it and I absolutely hate being stuck in bed.  

Today I put on my peg leg and went upstairs and tackled the kitchen and cleaned the bathroom and swept the floor.  Seriously by the time I was done you’d have thought I’d just done a hour full on workout!  Sweat pouring off of me!  Ridiculous!  

I’ve cleaned my bathroom and swept the basement and done some laundry.  And now I’m totally regretting it!  Of course my foot has swelled up a bit again, but that’ll come down after its been raised for awhile.

Today I’m sitting here in bed, once again…and I’m super grateful for all the friends who’ve brought us meals and come to visit and cleaned my house!  I’m super grateful that I have a bathroom in my bedroom.  And I’m grateful for the Red Cross and their lending program…I have a walker and toilet seat and shower stool and crutches for free from them.  And I’m thankful for the iwalk 2000…my peg leg  which gives me incredible freedom and maneuverability that the crutches and walker don’t do.  I can’t do laundry or cleaning the bathroom with them.  And I’m grateful for the knee scooter we found online and Jason drove across town to get for me so hopefully I can get keilan outside soon!

I’m super super grateful for my husband who has literally done everything.  He has to do ALL the driving of all 5 kids.  And he has to figure out the meals and try to keep the house presentable and fill in everywhere in all that I used to do and can’t right now.  Jason’s been pretty amazing.

I thought I had this. I was totally wrong.  But luckily for me…I have people around me who have really helped out!

And I can’t wait to get my energy back and this cast off and my freedom to drive and get bak to work!