Bedtime has always been a struggle for our youngest son.  He hates it.  He’s a natural night owl and can easily sleep until 11 am.   

He needs his sleep.  And definitely is better behaved with it.

The past couple of months we haven’t really been at all consistent with his bedtime or bedtime routine.  With me out of commission and Jason doing everything and Keilan having no reason to be up in the morning anyways…well we just got out of routine completely.  

Since I’ve started to regain my freedom and use of my right foot…I’ve determined to get this bedtime back on track.

So, I’ve started a new routine.  It includes classical music and essential oils diffusing.  

Bedtime is still a struggle, but it’s starting  to get better….tonight for the first time in like ever, he didn’t say he was hungry when I said “bedtime”.

However, he did remind me turn on his music.  And when his sister came to tell me he was playing with a flashlight in bed…well, first he said he was reading and that was school work so I had to let him do it.  When I told him school was done for he day and he could do it in the morning…he said he needed his tablet to do french.  When I repeated what I had just said…he told me that he was reading and it was the bible and that was something I wouldn’t ever tell him not to do so he was going to do it.  Well, he is right.  So I pretended to not hear him and walked away.  

Frankly what do you say to that?  He’s laying down listening to classical music.  He’s not kicking his wall or banging it or telling us he’s not tired…his little stubborn disobedience might just do him some good…