So every year at lent I try to choose something to give up. Last year I chose to purge, 40 bags of “stuff”.  The endeavor was pretty successful.  

However, another year has come and gone and more “stuff” has been acquired.  So, once again  I chose to purge for lent.  This year I am not so optimistic that I can purge 40 bags of “stuff”.  However, my goal was to purge one item a day.  So 40 items.  I’ve far surpassed this.  With my daughter’s help we purged the books.  Easily 200 books were purged.  And the purging has just begun really.  

With our move imminent it is time to purge.  And with us finally moving into a house of our own, it is the opportunity to plan where every item will go and what items won’t fit into our new home.  Our children are getting older and there is so much we can finally let go of.  

And we have discovered the amazing world of online auctioning!  In the past week we have auctioned off a dozen items.  And the money we make is going towards purchasing some of the new things we will need in our new home in the fall. A win-win for us for sure!  

Living with less is really living more.  And living more is really what life is all about!