A Timely Encounter…

It took some doing, but I finally talked Jason into considering purchasing a used tandem kayak.

The reason was simple.  We now have 3 adult kayaks and 1 child.  But we are a family of 7.  However, our oldest is resistant to coming outdoors with the family and he is now 16.  He will not be around for too much longer.

I am resistant to the idea of having too many more kayaks.

Also I am eager to begin spending more time alone with my husband.  Just the 2 of us kayaking alone together.

If we bought the tandem kayak used, not only would it save us a significant amount of money and space (not storing 3 more kayaks) and it would allow my husband and I to kayak together and on occasion with our youngest child along too.

So, I looked on Kijiji.  Showed Jason what I found.  We researched all the options and saw the pros and cons of each.  Still he wasn’t completely onside with the one kayak I’d seen and wanted.

I asked him if I could make an offer on the kayak.  He said OK.  So I made an offer and it was accepted.

I had to call them to arrange a pickup time.

When I called, I found out where they lived and I said I knew exactly where it was because we used to go to church on that block.

So, that opened it right up.  I still only knew the seller’s first name.  But he knew my first and last.  He had suspected that we had previously attended church together and when I made my comment he knew.  He told me who he was and the world became that much smaller!

We arranged for a pick up and a visit.

As we chatted we caught up and found that we have much more in common than ever before.

I knew her son had ADD or ADHD and they had struggled with that and how to best help him.  In our conversation I found out that she has since written a couple of children’s books for children with these struggles and is working g on her 3rd book.  She gave us a copy of the first book.


(If you are interested in this book let me know and I will gladly help you get a copy.  Not sure of the cost, but worth every penny!)

When we got home Keilan eagerly read it and he found that it gave him words for how he felt in certain situations.  He really liked it.

She also told us of all her research and findings and what has been most helpful for them.  She is highly educated to begin with and is a psychologist.  She really gave us a huge boost of encouragement on our journey with our son.  We will for sure be getting together again in a few weeks to meet.  It was a great connection.  We always had chatted at church and got along well.  But this unexpected encounter was a huge blessing to us!

I don’t believe that things happen by accident and I believe that our meeting was something we needed.  We needed encouraging and uplifting and understanding.  And we got all that and more!  What an incredible blessing!

Oh, and we got the tandem kayak too!


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