The Birthday Party(ies)…

Well lucky me, this year I get a two for one birthday party!

My older girls have birthdays 29 days apart and one is December 26.  The December 26 one is always problematic.  Too early and people are busy doing Christmas stuff.  After Christmas and they are away.  Into the new year and we run into interfering with the orthodox Christmas in January and losing other friends.

This year they both wanted an archery party.  Perfect.  Archery is a set price regardless of participants for up to 20 people for 2 hours.


So we had a joint archery party.  It went amazingly!  Each had their own cake.  And all the kids got along perfectly.  It helps that most of them went to the same elementary school so really have grown up together and now they all go to the same small jr high.


Following the archery we came home.  Most went home.  However some stayed.  We were going to go to youth group.  But due to illness that was cancelled.  Actually the girls were happy.  You see they really wanted to shop the black Friday sales at the mall.  So, I conceded.  Frankly the sales sucked.  But I gave them each $5 for dinner and a SUTP coupon book and advised them to use it.  They did!  They loved the freedom of choice and independence.  I let them go through the mall together.  And I was there with Keilan in another place in the mall.  There was 6 of them all together between ages 14 and 11 almost 12.


Then we met and drove to the theatre.  I took them to see the 9:30 show on opening weekend of The Good Dinosaur.   Such a cute movie.  Although quite scary and sometimes disgusting.  Like when the little critter rips the bug’s head off for the dinosaur’s dinner.


Afterwards they all said they liked it.  They also agreed that it shouldn’t be called “good” because of all the bad things that happen to our little dinosaur!  Everyone cried during the movie.

Then we had a sleepover with 2 extra kids and it was all over.

All in all a great party with great guests!  I’m so glad my kids have great friends and get along with each other so well!  (At least the older girls! LOL!)

The Birthday Party… Made for Sun but Executed in Drizzle

Well another birthday party is in the books.


Keilan’s 7th birthday party is done and was fun.


We had planned a water soaking afternoon of fun and games. The rain had us remove the water soaking from the fun. But we still managed to have a load of fun!









My broken heart and plans B and C…

I was literally up half the night worrying about my little guy’s birthday party in august.

This little boy of mine wasn’t invited to even 1 birthday party since August.   Not at school or from any other non school friends.  My other kids get invitations on a very regular basis.

It breaks my heart that he simply doesn’t.   I get it.  He’s the kid parents have heard about and so don’t want to deal with at their party.  Even if their child wants to invite him, the parents probably talk them out of it.  I know there have been children in my kids’ lives I have done this with.  Now I feel bad for doing it….but not sure I would change it.

So I spent hours in bed last night coming up with a plan A and B and C.

I spent the night fearing that celebrating his August birthday on his birthday would give parents the easy out to not bring their kids.  I really hope I’m wrong.  But I’m prepared to be right.

My son is one of the sweetest kids I know….I just wish others could see what I do…

Katie’s Birthday Craft….

For Katie’s birthday craft with her friends we took empty clear glass ornaments from Michael’s (craft store).


We took old crayons, peeled the paper and broke them into teeny pieces. We then put a small amount in the ornament opening (after taking the hanging top part off. The we got a thick tea towel folded it into 3 and placed it in our hand. Finally we put the glass ornament on top.


We made sure to have a good firm grip on the ornament. Then we took a hairdryer, turned it on high and held it close to the ornament, until the crayon wax began to melt. Finally we slowly turned the ornament. In all directions covering the inside of the glass ornament with colored wax.


We set it aside and finally used glass and ceramic markers to write our names and messages on the outside.


We found that less wax is MUCH better. Very small or tiny pieces work best.

This is a fast and easy craft!

Theatre Birthday Party

Our daughter wanted to see this play called Jack’s Giant Adventure.

We always have a budget for our parties. I explained to her that if she had a party that saw this play she would only be able to invite 4 friends. To my surprise she was totally OK with this.


So, I emailed the 4 parents and told them what was being considered and asked if their child would like to attend and would be allowed to. There was only 1 date the show ran, but 2 show times. So, I explained this.. All the parents said their child would love to come. So, we purchased the tickets, with the extra lunch add on.

Jason and I have been to Rosebud many times. The meals are always included and the food is amazing. We assumed there would be dessert to, as there is at their 4 main shows a year.

Unfortunately, the food wasn’t nearly as good, and there were no desserts. However, the food wasn’t bad either. It was spaghetti with alfredo sauce or marinara sauce. And bread, pizza, and fruit.


There was still the live singing, which interested the kids. Unfortunately, the lunch seating started 30 min late. This meant that when we got there for noon they were behind. We didn’t get our table until 12:35. The show started at 1. I felt rushed. The server didn’t though, and took another 7-8 min. to lead us to the buffet.

He did promise our daughter she’d be sung Happy Birthday. Unfortunately, the live singers entered the room at 12:50. We couldn’t leave without letting the kids hear them. So we listened to Happy Birthday and 2 other songs. They were amazing, and the kids LOVED it! Then we rushed them all through the washroom – forcing everyone to use it. And ran across the street to the theatre, hoping they’d let us in still. They did.


The play was perhaps the best we’ve seen yet. It had the kids on the edge of her seats. They sat through the hour and a half show, no problem.


Then we drove the hour and 15 min back to Calgary. I had made these magnetic drawstring bags full of magnets, paper games (like memory and snakes and ladders) that we’d laminated, coloring books, crayons, markers, etc. to keep everyone busy. These goody bags worked. The trip both ways was uneventful and quiet. As we arrived at the town of Rosebud, I heard my first I’m bored. By the time I could say we would be there in a minute, we were there and parked.

We had the kids have a sleepover the night before. They all stayed up too late, but they were all good. Overall it was a good party. Everyone enjoyed it, and it fit our budget. BUT, it left me exhausted! Such is the consequence of a birthday party!

Kianna’s 8th Birthday party

Our daughter turns 8 next week. Today and tomorrow is her party. Tonight, she has 4 friends sleeping over. Tomorrow we are taking these 4 friends to Rosebud for lunch and a Jack and the Beanstalk play.

As for her sleepover, I really planned nothing. I bought pizza for supper. I figured they’d watch a Netflix or 2. And the rest I left completely up to Kianna.


Last night Kianna kept coming upstairs and getting “stuff” and taking it downstairs. At one point she said something about “centers.” When we went downstairs later she had set up all these “centers” and she wanted me to set a 20 min. timer so they’d know when to switch centers. Some of her “centers:” domino’s, reading Magic Treehouse books (about 30 books), 4 pillows for a pillow fight, cupcake decorating….10 stations, all with signs and instructions and a number :).





She has decided that 20 min. a “center” may be a bit too long :).



I have to admit I was pretty impressed. She put a lot of thought and effort into this! So, way to go Kianna! You’ll have a great time this weekend, because of all your planning and hard work!



I love you sweetie! You are a great girl! And I’m very proud of you!