Holidays with Grandma

This summer my mother in law had the opportunity to take a bible class from her brother at Millar College of the Bible, where he is a professor. In order for this to happen she needed transportation. I offered to take her. So Kianna and Keilan and I went to Pambrun Saskatchewan with my mother in law. The drive wasn’t too bad anyways.But the stay at her brother and sister in law’s was so great! They were terrific hosts and we had such a fantastic visit with them.As it turned out I ended up joining my mom and auditing the course with her. Uncle Ed was a great teacher and his course was really well done! As it turned out the college had sleepover sports camps so both kids attended one. Kianna did a volleyball camp and keilan a sports camp. Both kids had a great time and learned a lot about God to, not to mention getting better at their sportAfter the week there we leisurely drove north to green lake. Along the way we stopped to shop and at several very old churches that we saw. It was a pleasant drive full of talk and laughter! Seriously though, where do some people get the names they name of places! We had a lot of laughs for sure!Upon arriving here my mother in law’s sister and brother in law welcomes.ed is in their extremely generous fashion! The kids and I got to stay in the little cabin, which we absolutely love!Our uncle fixed up a couple bikes for the kids and took them quading. Kianna learned to drive one and she says she is a good driver!It is so fantastic to be with family who takes so much time to spend with us and the kids! The love and care we have gotten is amazing!

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