Komar’s 2017 Christmas Greetings 

For our family this year has been a long one and a really fantastic one.  It has been full of firsts nd milestones and highlights.  

Our oldest son Kieran graduated from high school and also started Bible college.  He has successfully cash flowed and completed his first semester.  He is looking forward to working lots over Christmas break abd cash flowing his second semester.  He has learned lots and grown.  In fact today he successfully gave his first commumion meditation at church.

Katarina continues to play percussion and thrive in  school.  She is on honor roll and does extremely well at school. She excels at everything she does.  She attained her purle belt in kung fu this spring and she is on course to have almost all of her requirements for graduation done by the end of this year.  This will allow her to take numerous university credit classes in her 12th grade year.

Karyssa has really come into her own and blossomed this year.   She too would be on honor roll, if it existed anymore.  She just successfully attained her purple belt in kung fu today.  She is also still playing percussion and we had the enjoyment of seeing her wonderful band concert last week.  

Kianna has really grown this year in confidence ans skills.  She has gotten such a great handle on her school work and her hard work has paid off in her marks anf confidence.  She is on school coumcil and loves being a leader and helping to make decisions. 

At the end of this school year we will also end our time there.  Our four oldest kids have gone through there.  We started in the school in 2002 when I started driving for the school.  So this year is full of many lasts there as well.  It is bittersweet to see my kids grow up and it will be sad to no longer be a part of this school community which has been such an enourmous part of of lives for the last 15 consecutive years!

Keilan continues to homeschool.  He is super excited to have a real bedroom with a door and real walls.  He is always on the go and there is never a dull moment when he’s around!

As for our family in general…this year saw the death of my little black honda.  But she had served us well and lived a very long life with over 400,000 km she didnt owe us anything!  

Sadly we lost Jason’s dad this spring.  But we have been able to spend more time with his mom.  And we had a terrific time visiting Jason’s aunt and uncle with his mom and we hope to go back again this year.

We also bought our first home.  We were able to build a home that suits our family perfectly and in a neighborhood that will be an amazing  place to live.  We LOVE our new home.  From the moment we moved in we felt at home.  We also built a full seperate legal basement suite which Kieran and his friend live in.  It is great to be able to help our children to grow up in a safe way.  

This year has been full of blessings and joy and yes sorrow too, but we are looking forward to 2018!

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