Ladies Night out

Last night there was 5 of us ladies who have been friends for a long time and who all have kids at the same school who got together.

We went out for dinner. It was such a nice time. We talked for 4 hrs straight, and finally at 10:30 we left the restauraunt – because of the time, not a lull in the conversation.

What it reminded me though was that, as parents we are often seemingly “going it alone”. We are sometimes embarrassed by our children’s behavior and so privately try to work through it on our own. And yet, so often, if we have the courage to mention it with other parents of children slightly older or even the same age – we discover we are not alone. We discover it is “normal” and our child will probably grow out of it. We discover that there is “hope”. We discover that we haven’t “ruined” our kids in our parenting and that they’ll more than likely turn out just fine.

I was the mom with the oldest child, but only by 2 years. So, it was very interesting how our children have gone through similar things, especially the ones with similar personalities. It was helpful to hear what parenting tips had worked and what hadn’t. And it was great to just not feel alone. Not feel like you were the only one who didn’t have the “perfect” child.

So, often we exaggerate our children’s accomplishments to make them even better. And it was refreshing to sit and be honest and open about both their accomplishments and struggles. To be honest about our own struggles as parents. To take off the mask, that everything is peachy keen, and show that you have struggles. You get angry, your kids get angry. And to be in an environment where you are supported and it’s ok to not be the perfect parent, but also where you are given ideas and support to do better.

It was great to sit and support each other’s desire to be seen as more than just a “mom”, and yet to be the best “mom” they possibly could be!

So, here’s to next time!

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