making this “small” house our home

Moving into a much smaller home, has been a challenge. It has also been a blessing.

It has been a challenge to purge enough “stuff” to comfortably live in our smaller home. It has been a challenge to be able to creatively arrange and rearrange our “stuff” to make this smaller house our home. A house we are all comfortable living in, and don’t feel too cramped in.

It is a blessing having our 3 girls share a bedroom. They play even more together and are more tolerant of each other. Having our 2 boys share a bedroom, well honestly their bedroom is still a work in progress. It seems to be full of our boxes we can’t fit anywhere else. And they need the creative living most of all. But they are managing.

Interestingly enough it has been a challenge having my oldest 2 with bedrooms so close to each other. Hopefully after a bit more cleaning and rearranging they will both be able to shut their doors and this will lessen this particular challenge!

The more we unpack, the more I purge. Some of it we will likely replace if we “upsize”. Some of it we won’t.

We had intended to have a storage locker as a garage since this place doesn’t have one. But when we realized that would cost us $7000 over 2 years we scrapped that idea. So, the challenge is now storing the tools and garage stuff in the home. We will buy a plastic shed in the near future, but that will only hold so much. So, for now we continue to wait for suggestions from visiting friends – like putting the bearded dragon on top of the closet roof. And waiting on our own aha moments, like putting the night stand I kick every time I go by, into the bathroom for additional storage there and toe saving as a bonus.

Another blessing is that my kids have other kids to hang out with. The street is full of them. The street isn’t TOO busy either. So biking is popular! And my personal favorite; we across the street from a lovely green space and an entrance to the city pathways. Once we are done all this moving in stuff, I intend to make much better use of that treasure!

So, even today I am purging a coffee table, desk chair, and another box of books. But that’s ok. It leaves us more space to “live” with our large family in a small home.

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