Needless Worry…

Well my last post was about how our youngest son wasn’t going to sleepover camp this year and how upset he was about it.

It was also about how upset I was about it too.

Fast forward….

I drove my mother-in-law to Saskatchewan to a tiny town so she could take a bible course this week that her brother was teaching. So kianna and keilan and I went with my mother in law and we are staying with her lovely brother and his wife.

To make a long story short, uncle Ed asked if my kids would like to go to sports camp this week. I assumed it was a church day daycamp.

Infact my uncle is a professor at Millar college of the Bible and the sports campus are sleepover camps.

So Kianna is in a week long volleyball camp. And Keilan is in a 3 day and 2 night sport camp. So he gets to sleep over. And he’s only a couple of blocks from where I’m staying.

I think it’s a perfect fit and he gets to go to camp.

So in the end it all worked out.

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