Well, yesterday was a productive one; if not a super long one!

We finished the back flower bed. Jason dug the fence post for the front fence and concreted it and leveled it. Jason installed the new shower head in the basement (we bought it July 2). I folded 6 loads of laundry, and caught up the laundry (for a few minutes). The girls and I unpacked all the rest of the books and I purged even more as I went. We managed to at least set up the living room in the basement. It’s tight, but it’ll do; it might change configuration a bit later, but for now it’ll do. We made enough room in the basement to shove the remaining packed boxes aside and set up my son’s wooden train and table. We organized the yard, and tidied it up. And YES, I bought airline cable and made a 30′ bike lock and locked up all the remaining bikes!

However, there are still over 40 boxes not yet unpacked in my basement. There are another 15 boxes in my boys’ room. Half of which aren’t even theirs! But I had to move them out of the hall upstairs when we had blind friends over. I still can’t walk through my bedroom without running into one or more of 5 still packed boxes. My bathroom is just a pile of stuff that belongs here. It is still awaiting me to sit down and sort it and organize it. I still have to prime and paint the kitchen, dining room, living room, entry, and stairs going up and down. I’m sure there’s more to do yet that I didn’t list. But that’s the stuff bugging me!

Once that’s all done, we have to reorganize our storage areas. Pull everything out and put it back in a better organized way, also so we can best utilize the storage space. Once the pictures are hung, I will clear about 8 boxes and more space. Then I can finish organizing the laundry room.

Ever so slowly, we are getting settled into our new home. Progress is picking up, and tasks are finally getting completed! Although I still haven’t mailed my brother or Jason’s brother’s birthday gifts, even though I had them well before their birthdays!

I guess another thing for the to do list. I am hoping to get a lot of this accomplished before the weekend. I feel like we have been living this ridiculous life for 4 months. I’d like to be able sit down before 11pm and not feel guilty!

Alas, one day we will be moved in. And maybe summer won’t be over and we will still be able to enjoy it! And I can stop neglecting my kids! (Although right now I’m sure they’re happy to be neglected, because it means I haven’t given them any more “jobs” to help me with!)

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