Stressing Out…

Here it is a week until school starts and I still don’t know where I am sending our little guy for grade 2.

I desperately want to keep him where he is at, but for so many many reasons I just don’t think it’s going to work for him.

I am SO torn as to if I give it one final chance and let him start at his current school and if it isn’t working then move him in a few weeks.

But as much as I hope it’ll work I really just see indicator after indicator that it isn’t going to be his best fit.

I am so torn.  If I move him I no longer drive him to and from school.  We may have to spend money on before and after school care.  I won’t have the connections to the other parents and his friends that I do as a bus driver at his school.

I will sacrifice so much to move him.  But what he gains could be so much more.

So, this week I have 4 schools to call.  And Friday jason and I will hopefully go visit a couple.

I don’t know….when does plan B become plan A…..I just don’t know.  But we are about to find out.

Thursday or Friday our teacher should call.  I still don’t know who his teacher is.  I’ve asked for a meeting and keep getting put off.  I guess if that teacher isn’t willing to partner with us and utilize our knowledge and understanding of our son to help facilitate a successful classroom environment, then it will be plan B.

Everyone has an answer, and yet I am still not at peace with any of the options….


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