The Family Kayaking Day…

This weekend we went camping.

OK, we sort of went camping.  We had numerous problems getting the van packed and the kids ready.  We were supposed to go Friday right after work.  However, the rain made us postpone our going.

We finally arrived at the camp site at 4 pm Saturday.  Sunday after lunch we went to the nearby lake to try out the new tandem kayak and let the older 2 try out the new kayaks.Since the camping was in Kananaskis it was supposed to snow, which it did.  And frankly I’m a prairie camper.  Meaning I don’t like the words cold or snow in the same sentence as camping!

So, I think it could be better be called…the lake that wasn’t.   We went to Sibbald Lake.  Honestly it’s an overgrown pond.  We went kayaking anyways.  But we were all bored pretty quickly.  After an hour we called it quits and came back home.  It was fun though having the 6 of us all out.  Kieran had to work so wasn’t with us.

The lesson in this… make sure the lake you are going to isn’t actually a pond! 😀

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