This move is driving me crazy!

I was hoping that today I’d at least finally get my couch and loveseat accessible. It was a dream of mine to be able to actually use them!

I had hoped that a tv would go up today, and maybe a computer too.

Alas, this was all too much to hope for. To get to my bedroom, in the basement, I still must weave around furniture and stacks of boxes. Although the stacks of boxes are getting lower, they are SO far from disappearing! I don’t think it would wise to be hopeful to get a clear path to our bedroom by tomorrow night either. I REALLY want the fence fixed and dog proofed tomorrow.

Jason DID fill some more walls, so that means monday I will have another day of painting. We are working our way to the front of the house now. Slowly, but surely the painting is getting done.

But is till have a labyrinth to my bedroom. I must deal with the labyrinth and bring some order and function to this basement, and soon!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we moved in nearly a month ago (so what if we were gone for 2 weeks in there!)! I am sick and tired of navigating boxes everywhere I go!

And if I’d been in charge of Rome being built, I’m sure it would have happened a LOT faster too!

And even while we have a million projects to do, we bought a bunch of perennials for the grassy flowerbed outside our window. I guess I saw what a few hours could do to a yard this week, so decided to add one more project to the can! (But lavender and mint will smell and look great outside our window, and they’ll flower all summer long, and I don’t have to buy new flowers next year! And half price is a great price. Now, will my kids “help” when it’s for their mom…probably not!)

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