Tooth Fairy Goes High Tech…

Our tooth fairy has gone high tech.  It took a little bit to work out the kinks but today my kids got their first email from our tooth fairy.  It would seem that Google thought the address was sending spam and blocked it.  But finally the tooth fairies got the kinks worked out and sent them their first message.

The kids were pretty excited to see the pink message that said “Tooth Fairy” in my inbox.

This is the letter they got…

Dear Keilan and Kianna,

My name is Fredrick Flossy. I’ve been a tooth fairy supervisor for quite some time. Your case came before me because our tooth fairy younglings just couldn’t figure out what to do.

First of all does finding a dog tooth get a tooth fairy reward? And second if a child loses a tooth well after bedtime and then changes beds does the reward come that same night or the next?

Well I was called onto the job to make a decision about these interesting dilemmas.

Here’s my decision.

The dog tooth can get a reward because it was done with a pure heart.

The changing beds and late night pulling of a tooth also gets the reward the same night….but not in the same bed. That bedroom is WAY too crowded for my tooth fairy younglings to slip in and out unnoticed.

So your reward awaits you both somewhere in your house. Think chocolate and think empty and 2 for Kianna and 1 for Keilan! Good luck!

And put the tooth on the counter one of fairies will collect it in the next few days! Keep the dog one in trash! We can’t actually reuse them!

Happy flossing!

Frederick Flossy

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